The Fabulous Screwtops

A Ragin Cajun Party

Castillo di Amorosa 4045 N St Helena Hwy, Calistoga  March 1, 2014  

8;30 - 11:30 pm


Benefiting Boys and Girls Club

St. Helena & Calistoga

City Winery

Downtown Napa

Monday May 19, 2014


Private Party


Angie Bond, Percussion & Vocals

Angie was born and raised in St. Helena.  She grew up in a musical family, and has been singing practically since the day she was born. Angie sang in her Dad's, (local music teacher Craig Bond) choirs at St. Helena Unified School District from 4th through 12th grade, which included The St. Helena Jazz Choir.  She then attended San Jose State University where she studied vocal improvisation, sang with The San Jose State Jazz Singers, and toured with the San Jose State Chamber Choir.  Now, Angie is a 3rd grade teacher at St. Helena Elementary School. She currently sings with a vocal jazz group called Jazz@7, and absolutely loves singing with The Fabulous Screwtops!



Steve Buehl, Keyboard & Vocals

Steve Buehl is a local real estate attorney who has played in rock bands since his college days back in the Stones Age.  He has recently upgraded his keyboards to state-of-the art Bronze Age standards.



Oliver Caldwell, Guitar & Vocals

Oliver played in garage bands during the Beatle era before retiring the guitar for college and a day job. Thirty years later, some friends inspired him to pick up the axe again and join their band. Self taught after endless YouTube viewings, he finally can get his fingers moving again ... and strum, from memory, some old classic rock anthems.



Kathryn Hopgood, Percussion & Vocals

A Napa Valley Native, Kathryn Hopgood has always lived and breathed music. According to her parents, Scott and Wendy, she fell in love with Beethoven by the age of 2. Growing up on Howell Mountain, she thrived through 16 years of choral and band ensembles and in her teenage years, she and her high school friends started a folk band. After finishing her Spanish, Vocal Performance and Teacher Education studies at Pacific Union College in '05, she worked as Recruiter at Meadowood and in '08 moved on to the Caldwell Snyder Gallery where she met fellow bandmate, Oliver Caldwell. The magic with The Fabulous Screwtops began in May of '09 for Kathryn and every performance continues to be full of laughter, creativity, witty comebacks and timeless tunes. By day she works in the Administration team with the dynamic students at Calistoga High School. But by night, she is a classical vocalist, musician, friend, family lady, adventurer with companion Mario Sculatti and lover of the precious Napa Valley. 



John Hawkins, Bass & Vocals

John was the soprano soloist and choirmaster at St. Paul’s church in Washington, D.C, where he also learned piano, organ and saxophone.  In college, he sang tenor with the Nassoons, an a capella singing group, then taught himself the bass and joined The Charter Bus, a show band in central New Jersey that backed Chuck Berry, and opened for Wilson Pickett, The Four Tops, Spencer Davis with Stevie Winwood, Marvin Gaye, the BoxTops, the Strawberry Alarm Clock and the infamous HotNuts.   John has played in bands ever since, but none of the caliber of the Fabulous Screwtops - he hopes that this shameless sucking up will get him more solos from his band mates.



Russell Joy, Drummer

Russ trained under Grammy Award Nominee Niel DuPonte, the Principal Percussionist for the Oregon Symphony when Niel was a student at SUNY Fredonia and an awesome drummer with their hot Jass ensemble.  Russ then played with the Red Reynold’s Big Band and the St. Bonaventure Jazz Ensemble while living in Western New York.  Russ currently resides in Napa and promises not to give up his day job.


My baby sitter brought over her boyfriend Joe to our house -- who brought a guitar and asked if I played.  I said I quit when I was a kid in the late sixties.  Well, he brought over the next time, a second guitar for me and got me inspired to start again. Everytime he came again, he would sequentially bring a singer, a bass player, then drums, etc.  Soon there was a makeshift garage band and I was still trying to relearn how to play old Beatles songs.  Well, Joe tricked us into thinking that he was diagnosed with cancer and that his last wish was to quickly play a local club.  I was terrified but couldn't say no. I then called someone I met years ago -- who I knew had some skills, Steve Buehl a keyboardist from the retired local band Private Reserve, to join us at our debut at Anna's Cantina in St. Helena.  We were loud and amateur but authentic like you would imagine the underground clubs in Liverpool or Hamburg in the 60s.  Turned out Joe didn't have cancer and left the state with some of the players money.


The band moved on with various musicians coming and going and with no direction.  I met in the interim a very famous 80s musician named David Pack, the leader of the grammy award winning band Ambrosia.  That year, we submitted an auction item for the local school fund raiser Just Imagine, a dinner at my backyard with live music for a large party.  Well, when our auction lot hit $12,500, I was terrified that my skills would not match the bidders expectation.  Yikes!  That was a lot of money for a garage band even though Pack was our guest vocalist. So I called Mark Goldenberg in LA - lead guitarist for Jackson Brown - and asked if he could teach me the guitar. Soon I am on a flight to LA to spend eight hours a day for over a week studying under a real pro.  Since it took a year to finally agree on a date for the private auction party, I was more ready to hold my part on the guitar.  The party was a blast and the turning point for the group and myself.  


I tell everyone twenty years younger that it's not too late to pick up an instrument again and join a band.  Playing in a band with friends of all ages and backgrounds is more rewarding than can be imagined.  It's just not the same playing in a bocce league, or golf tournament or tennis club.  Getting happy upbeat people together, who all have serious day jobs, to create the old memorable music from the 80s and then breaking for some vino and cheese afterwards can not be matched.  It's the old tribal days, long gone from the 60s festivals.


2007- 2012

After we lost our bass player, John Hawkins - also from the Private Reserve Band, joined us permanently and added much vocal prowess. We called ourselves "29Brix" as a play on the highway and the idea of brix used in measuring the sugar content in grapes. During this period we played for numerous charity groups including the local schools Just Imagine, Boys&Girls Club, AA of California, St. Helena Family Center, Rutherford Dust Society, The Chili Ball, weddings, anniversaries, etc, etc. and honed down our sets which were based on dance entertainment.



We realized the name JumpStart was too abstract and agreed to return to the play on words relating to wine and Napa Valley.  Steve came up with "Screwtops" but couldn't get John's blessing unless we added "The Fabulous" to garner extra laughs.  Russ Joy, CFO of Patz and Hall joined us as the new drummer along with and Casey Hutchinson, professionally trained vocalist from New York.  After years of playing for charity groups, our new drummer suggested giving a try playing at a night club.  We played for Silo's in Napa, sold out and turned the place into dance mayhem. It was most entertaining watching the fans push the tables out of the way to make room for more wannabe Johnny Travoltas.



With four lead male vocalists ranging in style from Jagger to Petty to Cash and two lead female vocalist ranging in style from Blonde to Joplin to Summer, we are able to offer diversity and engagement with our sets.  We have interest in writing but honestly, nobody has the time and we are content just entertaining with the classic rock n roll numbers.  Our fans love songs they know and can reminisce their younger days.




AA party Oct 2008 Lisa Marie

Chili Ball 2009

Rutherford Dust Aug 2001

Chili Ball 2001

Music in the Vineyards July 2013

The Difference is Vocals!  

Great tunes and the rock and pop music of the '60s, '70s, '80s, '90s-  

AC DC, Beatles, B-52s, Blonde, Bonnie Raitt, Bruno Mars, The Cars, Wild Cherry, Donna Summer, Doobie Brothers, Earth Wind and Fire, Eddie Money, Vince Gil, Go Go's, Jimi Hendrix, Hall & Oates, Michael Jackson, Kinks, Huey Lewis, Johnny Cash, Journey, Katie Perry, TomPetty, Pretenders, Romantics, Rolling Stones, Pointer Sisters, Spirit, Amy Winehouse, Led Zeppelin, ZZ Top . . . 

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